We at ARIAN based at western part of India take pride in presenting to you the state of art products since 1985.A team of highly motivated, professional & technically competent individuals offers a complete services range from application engineering to custom designs for the quality conscious customers.


ARIAN will strive to achieve value monopoly by making, marketing every product & service with attention to detail & well planned after sales service. In effect, our products & services shall enhance the customer’s value for money spent.


ARIAN has grown from strength to strength building quality associations with customers & industry leaders and is today a highly successful enterprise managed by competent professional managers.



·                   Head Office Ahmedabad, India

·                   25+ Committed Personnel

·                   Dealers 45+ Throughout Country

·                   50,000+ Satisfied Customers.

·                   Importers,

·                  Exporters

·                    OEM Suppliers


·                   Manufacturing

·                    Service Centre

·                    Marketing



* Telecommunications (PABX)

* Intercom for Housing Complex

* CCTV, Security System

* Microwave Components 400 MHz  to 100 GHz (Annexure-1)

* UPS, Inverter, Power Generators, Stabilizers, Battery Chargers, SMPS, DC-DC   
   Converter, CVT etc.

* Signaling & Telecom Equipments for Railways (Annexure-2)

* Computers, Accessories, Peripherals and Systems integrator

* Computers Service, Networking (WAN, LAN)

* Educational Trainer Kit for technical institutions /colleges.

* Office Automation products

* Studio/Broadcasting equipments.

* Atomic Energy Equipments




To deliver powerful scalable & available IT infrastructure we have strategically tied up with partners

Who have been consistently innovative & have delivered quality products as per promise. Our partnership with SAMSUNG, LG, BEETEL, PANASONIC, CISCO, EPSON etc.


 With quality people at our side we believe that quality technologies will help us achieve “Excellence in integration, solutions & services”. It is this belief that has resulted in our successful relationships with MILITARY, RAILWAYS, SATCOM, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, BROADCAST, AIRLINES, IT, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION INDUSTRIES, TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS, OIL SECTORS,  POWER SECTORS, POLICE, HOSPITALS, HOTELS etc.


Frequency Counter, Frequency Synthesizer Products, Pulse Generators, Microwave down Converter, Microwave Power Amplifiers, Transceivers (C-Band, Ku Band, Digital Synthesized HF). Translators, Video Products, Analog/Digital Video Modulators And Demodulators, Noise Generators, Power Meter, Coaxial /Wave guide Components (Attenuators, Phase shifters, Power Dividers & Combiners, Directional Couplers, Terminations, Short/Open circuits, Tuners, Isolators/Circulators, Coaxial Switches, Adapters, Waveguide Flanges etc.

1.            Components: Diodes, Transistors, FET, MMIC, Resistors (Chip, Chip Resistor, Thin Film, Inductors (Multilayer Chip, Wound Inductor, Ferrite chip) Capacitors (Multilayer Chips, Ceramic, Trimmer, Tantalum), ICs,         

2.            Noise Sources And Noise Figure Products

3.            Connectors: Super SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.40 mm, SSMA, TNC, N-Type,

4.            Cable Connectors/Assemblies

5.            Waveguide Tool Kit: Board Mount Launchers, Torque Wrenches

6.            Power Amplifiers: Power (SSPA, Booster, TWT, Klystron, LNA etc),

7.            Microwave Components: Oscillators (Gunn, Phase locked, Clock Crystal, Voltage Controlled Crystal, and Oven Controlled), Multipliers, Mixers, Synthesizers, Filters & Duplexers, Diode Limiter, Crystal Filters, and Saw Components etc.

8.            RF & Microwave Absorbers

9.            Substrates: RT Duroid

10.      Antenna/Feed :1 Ghz to 40 GHz & Milimeter wave of size 60 cm,90 cm, 1.0M,1.2M,1.8M,2.4M,3.8M,4.5M,6.0M, antenna in Prime focal,Cassegrain ,Offset Geometry in perforated grid, soild,GFRP/CFRP mateial with required feed.

11.      Cable TV Accessories

12.      Cables:Coaxial,Semirigid,Low loss,Power,Fibre Optics ,Flexible.

13.      Waveguide Filters.

14.      DTH

15.      VSAT



1.    Portable Emergency Telephone

2.    Magneto Telephone

3.    Head Quarter Equipments.

4.    Omnibus Intercom based on  DTMF Principal

5.    Electronics Hooter

6.    Electronics Gate Bell

7.    Repeater

8.    MFCU Circuit

9.    Way Station Equipments.

10.Conferencing System


Please feel free to contact undersigned for any clarifications.

 Thanking  you   and  looking  forward  to  the  pleasure of  hearing  from  you  and  with best regards.


 Ajay Singh

Executive Business Development

Arian Communications
11,3rd Floor, Agrawal Centre, Nr. Income Tax, Ashram Road,

Ahmedabad-380 014, Gujarat, INDIA

Tele/ Fax: +91 -79 -2754 2088 (Day)/2747 4389 (Night)

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